Our service for Investors

You want systematic access to companies that are looking for investors? equipool.net helps to find the right company for you as an investor. Discreetly. Transparently. Effectively.

Targeted access

equipool.net gives you targeted access to companies that are looking for investors. Across sectors, regardless of age, size and reason for financing.

Portfolio management

Use equipool.net for your active portfolio management. You want to sell investments or companies from your portfolio? Register on equipool.net in the role of ENTREPRENEUR and find a suitable buyer.

Direct contact

You are in direct contact with your potential partners and communicate in a protected space. Choose the adviser, notary, lawyer, etc. of your trust then, if you deem it necessary.

Perfect fit

As investor you define your individual requirement profile and your strategic preference. equipool.net helps you to efficiently search for a suitable company by selecting according to your investment focus.


You decide what your potential partner sees - you stay at the wheel throughout the process. As soon as you have found a potentially suitable company, anonymised profiles are gradually revealed, depending on where you are in the process of initiation.

Free registration

Registration and the application of equipool.net is free for investors. equipool.net charges you as an investor a one-off finders fee only in case of a successful transaction. For details, see our Terms and Conditions.