Our service for Entrepreneurs

Access to private equity, family offices and other investors is too "random" and the market too intransparent? You want to stay at the wheel of the process and involve experts of your choice, if you think it's right? equipool.net helps to find the right partner for your company. Discreetly. Transparently. Effectively.

Find suitable partners

We help you to find financially strong partners who take on entrepreneurial co-responsibility as shareholders and who contribute not only equity but also technology, industry and market knowledge. No matter if you are looking for a successor for your company, if you want to invest in new products and new markets or if you are looking for a new co-partner because your shareholder structure is changing.

Anonymous & discreet

You decide what your potential partner sees - you stay at the wheel throughout the process. Once you have found a potentially suitable investor, anonymised profiles are gradually revealed, depending on where you are in the process of initiation. The decision - whether or with which potential investor you want to enter the next transaction step or to stop the process - is up to you. Anonymity will remain as long as you wish.

Free of charge & direct

Choose the adviser, notary, lawyer, etc. of your trust then, if you deem it necessary. The registration and use is free for entrepreneurs. equipool.net does not charge any finders fee from you as an entrepreneur; not even in the case of a successful transaction. In the case of a successful transaction, the buyer, the investor, owes a finders fee.
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