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Are you an entrepreneur looking for a successor for your company? Or are you looking for a financially strong partner who develops new markets or products together with you? Are you an investor looking for companies to buy or invest in? On equipool.net entrepreneurs and investors come together. Discreetly. Transparently. Effectively.

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equipool.net does not provide loans but provides a platform for equity ("equity") partnerships. Cross-industry, regardless of financing, age and size. Whether start-up, established company in a phase of expansion, a carve-out or in company succession.

Direct contact

Choose the expert you trust. You are in direct contact with your potential partners and communicate in a protected space. Include the adviser, notary, layer, etc. of your trust then, if you deem it necessary.

Reach your goals -
safely and anonymously

Initiate your anonymous transaction with full control. You decide when to disclose what information. The decision to go into the next transaction step or to cancel the process lies with you and your potential partner.

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